Advanta has a long history of performance and innovation in the healthcare industry. After being spun off from DynCorp's AdvanceMed Corporation, a leading provider of healthcare information solutions to the Federal Government and the healthcare industry, Advanta has been able to achieve double digit revenue growth every year since inception.

Today Advanta's customers include organizations in both the private and public sectors. Advanta's relationships with government agencies, major corporations, as well as dozens of payors, health systems, hospitals, and professional practices allow it to build and operate an impressive network of coders, case managers, and other medical, legal, financial, and information technology professionals.

Top Leadership

Advanta is being led by top executives with a total of over 100 years of experience in the healthcare and government fields. Advanta's managers and affiliates include former executives and other professionals from Dyncorp, CSC, IRS, CareFirst of Maryland, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, Social Security Administration, and WorldCom, just to name a few.


Advanta Government Services, LLC is a wholy owned subsidiary of Advanta. Livanta, LLC is partially owned by Advanta and Lifecare.

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