Service Description

Defense Audit Tracking System is an enterprise software designed specifically for tracking requests received from RACs (Recovery Audit Contractors), CERT, PERM, and other government and insurance entities.

Basic Features

  • 100% web based, no installation required
  • Streaming news related to Medicare, RAC, and other related subjects
  • Alerts, reminders, and notices
  • Support for multiple facilities
  • Support and workflow for all appeal levels
  • Tracking of denial, overpayment, and underpayment amounts, as well as amounts appealed, granted, and denied for each level of appeal
  • Tracking of all Release-Of-Information processes, including billing and payments
  • Support for medical record imaging
  • Correspondence automation and letter generation (e.g. appeal letters, payment letters, etc)
  • Numerous financial and process management and reconciliation reports
  • Community reports, allowing to compare data among other healthcare providers
  • Claim line-item level tracking, including support for unlimited DRG, CPT/HCPCS, and ICD9 codes
  • Tracking of phone calls and any call details

  • Advanced Features

  • Full integration with Trustfolio for secure electronic transmission of medical records directly to requestors
  • Full, customizable workflow capabilities
  • Customizable reports, dashboards, letters, drop-downs, and unlimited fields
  • Advanced data mining using OLAP (cube) technology
  • Advanced security features (IP filtering, VPN support, facility and individual account security settings)
  • Open APIs for integrating with other systems

  • Support

  • Unlimited technical support
  • Assistance with basic and advanced system customization and integration
  • Constant ongoing updates
  • Articles with tips on managing the RAC program

  • Security

    Defense Audit Tracking System has been designed by leaders in information security with years of experience securing protected health information for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as well various healthcare and insurance firms. Advanta's servers are hosted in a high-security enterprise data center that hosts protected health information for numerous government agencies and healthcare organizations. All personnel underwent very stringent background checks. All access is monitored 24/7 and is on a need-to-know basis.

    Contact Advanta today to see how Defense Audit Tracking System can help you get a better handle on your money!

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